The Winemaker Experience is a hands-on project, which aims to turn wine-lovers into genuine wine-makers, each with their own privately owned vineyard. Basically, what we offer is to guide participants through the full wine-production process, offering them our winery and consultancy, but encouraging them to make their very own wine, to their own preferences. This ensures that our private winemakers take their decisions based on the same information as we do, the only differences being volume, and the fact that they can do so completely care-free.


Presenting The Winemaker Experience

In this short film our founder and manager, Karl Heinz Stock, explains how the project came about and how it's based on his own experience of transitioning from wine-lover to wine-maker.
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Just by reading this already puts you one step closer to making your very own wine and adding to your legacy.

Purchasing a small vineyard which is integrated into an award-winning winery is definitely a creative solution, you get a dual benefit; full control of your own wine production to whichever extent you desire, but without the responsibility of having to run a winery. Thereby making this very personal experience completely care-free.

We would like to invite you to join our amazing group of private wine-makers in turning the dream of winemaking into a reality. Our team will be there to guide you in each and every step of the way, both now as well as in the future. We do this to ensure that not only do you get the maximum enjoyment out of your new venture, but also so that you learn more and more about winemaking every single year. You will have full access to all the expertise of our experienced staff, both in the vineyard (viticulture) as well as in the winery (viniculture). Each step you can freely decide how much you will be involved personally. You can be part of all facets of making your private wine or you can delegate the more mundane tasks to us.

Participating in The Winemaker Experience can even be handled remotely. Whenever you cannot be on site personally, our team will ensure that you are fully informed and in control, whether with photos, videos, WhatsApp, emails or phone calls. Even blending and tasting the wine can be done in the leisure of your home. We bottle the wine(s) manually and send the samples to you with notes and recommendations.

But if you are able to be here on-site even better, we even offer the option to purchase a holiday-home overlooking the vineyards here at Quinta dos Vales, named The Vines.

Whether you then consume the wine yourself, gift them as Christmas presents or share them with business contacts, what is more special than a wine that you produced and blended personally?

It would be our honour and pleasure to guide you through this adventure, which you can enjoy right away and later pass on to your children and grandchildren.


Instead of spending millions on buying a vineyard, you can now make your very own wine without the usual logistics headaches that come with wine production, and all for a fraction of the price.

Join the other private wine-makers, and you can either choose your very own vineyard plot(s) or plant completely new vines in our available virgin plots. These are all priced from 30.000,00€ to 60.000,00€. Every plot consists of around 600m2, but many choose to acquire several of them in order to be able to make Red, White and Rosé wine. Or choose several plots in order to have more flexibility in blending different varieties.

Every plot will give you approximately 288 bottles per year of your privately labelled and blended wine. Plenty to never have to worry about X-mas presents for family and friends ever again. When buying multiple plots you can take on the challenge and even turn it into a business, by starting to sell your wine and build a small brand. For more details see the brochure below.

Vineyard plots are available starting at 30.000,00€. For prices of the individual plots and varieties please contact us!


For the more conservative among you we have a solution which allows you to get a taste of wine-making without a long commitment. What we offer is that you can lease one of our established vineyard plots for a single harvest, and make one vintage out of the resulting grapes and wine.

You would follow the full process until the end, resulting in a production of approximately 288 bottles. You would see with your own eyes the growth of the grapes, take part in the exciting harvest period and follow the wine every step of the way in the winery. And after the vintage is completed it will be obvious whether you have fallen in love with winemaking the way that we have. If you do, you will want your own vineyard parcel to really make it your own! For more details see the brochure below.

Prices: starting at 5.472,00€. For prices of the individual plots and varieties please contact us!


For those who like the idea but don’t want to wait years until you have your own wine in the bottle, we have the Barrel Blending Experience. This allows you to skip the viticulture (field) phase of the wine production cycle and take a shortcut straight to the viniculture (winery) work.

What we do is present samples of the existing unblended wines in our production, at which point you can choose whichever varieties you prefer, and make 288 bottles of your preferred blend with these wines. After which you are in control of all steps leading to the final wine, the most important one is choosing the origin of the barrel, the age of the barrel and how long your blend then ages in this barrel. For more details see the brochure below.

Prices: starting at 5.472,00€. For prices of the individual varieties please contact us!


Making one’s own wine is a big dream, and one that needs to be tackled in stages. Most of our private wine-makers started with our Bottle Blending Workshop, a 3-hour experience during which we introduce the participants to the science as well as the art behind blending different varieties. You leave this workshop with a bottle of your own blended wine and a taste of how winemaking works.

Great Wine Experience | Review on Private Bottle Blending Workshop
"Three of us did the tour and bottle blending experience, which was great fun. Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide and an interesting trot through Portuguese grape varieties in the vineyard. The blending itself was fun, with a nice meat/cheese platter to round it off.
Look forward to tasting the product in a few months!"


The Vines is a holiday-home resort located in the heart of Quinta dos Vales. This project is not directly related to winemaking, but can be paired very well with The Winemaker Experience. We already have multiple private wine-makers who own one of these holiday-homes, so whenever they visit us to get involved in the production of their wines, they stay in their own holiday-home, overlooking the vineyards.

During the weeks when you do not wish to use your suite yourself, the on-site team handles the rental to tourists for you. Truly turn-key, as all upkeep, gardening, maintenance as well as the rental operation is handled by the experienced Quinta dos Vales rentals team.
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The Winemaker Experience
Turning Winelovers into Winemakers

Authenticity is the most important part of this project, we recommend that our private winemakers take each and every wine-related decision themselves. Our team will execute the work, and our resident winemaker will provide education and consultancy throughout. Read the brochure to find out more.


Contact us via e-mail for further details!

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